Gazelles…. fifteen minutes of fame or Hall of Fame?

Scaling Up your business by Rick Moore

He sat at his desk. His computer screen glowed in the fading light. His hands were poised over the keyboard but that next keystroke was not coming any time soon. His mind was far from the task at hand. He thought back to his days in a single office with his two partners and their wonderfully efficient assistant. Those were simpler times. Things were good now but so different. His partners had long since retired and his small second floor office had expanded to take up the entire three-story building that was now company headquarters. He also had four satellite offices to manage and, if his plans worked out, he would soon acquire another ten locations.
He snapped back to the task at hand but worry quickly overtook him. He was trying to organize the agenda for his weekly meeting. Not so long ago, a shout down the hall to meet in the boardroom in five minutes had brought every employee together. Not so now however; he had to have people dial-in from multiple remote locations and then make sure his message was delivered properly and effectively. The conference lines were an uncomfortable concept as he felt unsure people were listening and engaged.

The company was rolling along at a fast pace, sales revenue was growing at 20% a year and this was the third straight year it had done so. He had gone from a staff of four to 70 people over five locations. He was still managing the operation on his own with two assistant managers. He no longer had the luxury of weekends or even an assured arrival time at home for dinner. “Can I hold this pace?” His mind raced with pressing concerns. “What if we win the acquisition? That will triple our number of employees. How can I manage that? Can we maintain this growth and integrate the new business and not collapse under the pressure? I need to hire more people, but who can I promote to help manage this, and can I trust them?”

It is safe to say that the ambition, intelligence and talent that allowed this man to grow his company to this point were no longer being effectively utilized. Building the company had been hard work, exhausting yet thoroughly exhilarating. With this success had come a whole new set of problems. He was not allowing others to take on the day to day roles of managing the business; rather, he was trying to micro manage the process. The weight he felt of ensuring that his employees, investors and clients were all being taken care of was clouding his judgement. By focusing on controlling every aspect of the company’s operations in order to be certain that all were being well served, he was actually having the opposite effect. For now, things were good, but not for long should this continue.

This is a story about a Gazelle. We are not yet sure if the Gazelle continues its successful journey or falls prey to the ugliness of the business failure wilderness. We will examine this case in more detail in our soon to be released eBook, “Gazelles-Fifteen Minutes of Fame or Hall of Fame?”

Group of One adheres to the tenets of the Rockefeller Habits. We work with Certified Gazelles Coach Ken Larson of Champion Training Systems to immerse your team in the Scaling Up program. We will also impart the wisdom of our many years to enhance your experience with our our Go1 for Scale-Ups™ program.

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